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MXL sails are available in three different lines. This allows PinkSails to have the sails manufactured almost custom-made; adapted to the conditions and the wishes of the sailor. The material is extremely light and smooth, very form-retaining and strong. This improves the speed of your ship and the load and durability of the sail. MXL is suitable for high performance sailing.

The MXL WidePanel

The WidePanel is a state of the art membrane sail. It is suitable for a diversity of yachts. There are 3 styles, combined with a variety of fibres: from polyester to carbon. Experienced sailors see this sail as top of the bill among membrane sails. The WidePanel is suitable for cruising and racing.

MXL Multi Panel

Multi Panel is a heavier lightweight, because Multi Panel is suitable for sails of up to 45m2. Here, a large variety of fibres is also possible. From polyester to carbon. Because MXL Multi Panel is manufactured by a machine with 6 strands, PinkSails can place a huge diversity of orders. Each order is Tailor-made with a laminator-machine for a perfect result. MXL MultiPanel sails are available for cruising and racing.

MXL Club Race LP

The ultimate combination with Kevlar and cheaper than a tri-radial lamination sail. Available in film/film with 1600 stretched Kevlar threads. Available for a surface area of 8m2 up to 45m2.

From Finn to Maxi

MXL Wide Panel and Multi Panel have four different surface area variants. This allows PinkSails to supply sails of Olympic Finn class, but also up to Super Maxi class. Wide and Multi Panel sails can be supplied as:

  1. Complete sail, suitable for immediate use
  2. Membrane only, a hemmed and patched sail
  3. Quick panel parts (cut panels)

Options for the MXL main sails:

  • Vectraan leech line
  • Top full batten
  • Cunningham
  • Strung laminated corner patches
  • Rutgerson super ring in reef (carbon SR with carbon sail)
  • Draft stripes and tell tails
  • Spreader patches
  • Taped vinylester sail beams
  • Drawstring sail sack
  • Spectra webbing enforcement

Standard options for the MXL headsails:

  • Top Full Batten
  • Rutgerson super ring in reef (carbon SR with carbon sail)
  • Strung laminated corner patches
  • Spectra webbing enforcement
  • Vectraan leech line
  • Draft stripes and tell tails
  • Tell tale window
  • Draw string

"As multifaced as our clients"