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PinkSails is the independent sail maker that designs, produces and repairs high-grade sails. Characteristics of PinkSails are its expertise and excellent service. The employees do especially what they are good at: making quality sails. No frills, no overhead, no layers of management. But they work very hard with a professional team on making distinctive sails for customers. Permanent anchor: the prices are sharp, the lines are short.

You will meet the team at one of the seven lofts which are situated at strategic locations along the water, or at our main office in Bergen op Zoom. You will meet fellow PinkSailers on the water, in the harbour, at the lofts or online. You will immediately recognise PinkSailers. By their beautiful striking sails. But also by their attitude and appearance. Just as with people who set out their own course, who are not afraid of being different, but who value quality. Welcome at PinkSails!

"Sharp prices, short lines"